The Problem with Wine

Hey there!

This is my first post on my new Your Wine Friend website. I’ve wanted to start a wine blog for ages, and honestly I’m not sure what has taken me this long. Regardless, since COVID-19 has me stuck at home of late, I have no more excuses to delay!

I’m super excited to get this blog off the ground because I have a TON of ideas to share with you guys. But I wanted to first start with my why, so you understand where I’m coming from in creating this blog in the first place.

Well, in my first two years working in the wine industry, I’ve noticed one major theme…

People are SCARED of wine!

Most shudder at novel-length restaurant wine lists, freeze up when asked to describe what kinds of wine they like, and pick bottles randomly by the label at wine shops (that they end up hating when they get home).

I get it! Wine is an incredibly complicated and niche subject with a language that only the initiated seem to speak. Combine that with wine’s status as a luxury item, and the world of wine can feel impenetrable.

But to me, the joy of wine LIES in its mystery and in the infinite quest to learn more.

I think consumers can have this idea that the experts know everything there is to know about wine. But in an ever-evolving industry, there is ALWAYS going to be more to learn. Lots of Master Sommeliers (the highest level sommelier certification) say that after passing the test, they find they have to continue to study diligently in order to stay on top of their game. I’ve been studying wine for two years, and still feel like I’ve just begun to dip my toes in the sea of wine knowledge.

Here’s the thing–you don’t need to know it all to develop a relationship with wine.

And you don’t need anything special to get started. If you have a mouth with some taste buds, a nose, and a few extra bucks now and then to spend on a bottle, you’re good to go. Everything else is extra credit.

I will say, however, as I learn more and more, my enjoyment and appreciation soars to new heights. So here’s my mission with Your Wine Friend, and I hope you will join me:

Let’s knock wine off its elitist pedestal and spread the joy of wine!

I’m excited to learn together and share my wine journey with you. I want Your Wine Friend to be an interactive community of wine lovers and learners, so I wanna know–what questions do you have about wine? There are no silly questions and I can bet I’ve asked weirder ones. Let’s be wine friends. ☺



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I'm a wine lover, blogger, student, and teacher. I help oenophiles make empowered wine decisions via fun + accessible learning!

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